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August 8, 2017

It’s best to emphasize your Lake Ashton home’s best features. The areas that will make the biggest difference in your home’s selling price include the exterior and entryway, the living room, kitchen and bathrooms, the master bedroom, and outdoor living space. These areas make the biggest difference in your home’s selling price, and make the biggest first impression on a Lake Ashton Resale buyer.

As a seller of a home in Lake Ashton, your goal is to make everything look and feel “like new”. Take the time to prepare and stage your Lake Ashton Resale home to get the best selling price possible, and sold in the shortest time possible. Clean, staged homes sell faster than homes that have not been prepared in advanced by a motivated seller.

  1. Clean
    In a kitchen, potential Lake Ashton Resale buyers love to see new appliances that come with the home, but if you can’t do that, make the ones you have spotless. Likewise, make sure your bathroom sparkles, from the corners of the tub and shower to the sink drain to that spot behind the toilet you don’t think anyone can see.
  2. Declutter 
    There are two major problems with clutter. One is that it distracts Lake Ashton Resale buyers from your home’s features. The other is that it makes it seem like the Lake Ashton Resale home doesn’t have enough storage space. Put away knickknacks and other personal items. Counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom should be completely clear of all items.
  3. Depersonalize
    Lake Ashton Resale buyers need to be able to envision themselves in your home, so remove all the family photos, items with family members’ names on them and refrigerator art.
  4. Remove Odors
    Pets, what you ate for dinner last night, a mildew-covered bathroom and many other conditions can make your Lake Ashton Resale home smell. Inexpensive tricks for ridding a home of odors and giving it an inviting aroma include baking cookies in the oven or burning vanilla-scented candles. If you’re a smoker and you normally smoke indoors, start limiting your smoking to outside the Lake Ashton Resale home and take extra steps to deodorize indoors.
  5. Flooring
    No one wants to live with dirty, stained carpet, especially when someone else made it that way. Have the carpets and other flooring professionally cleaned before you begin to show your home in Lake Ashton.
  6. Lighting
    Take advantage of your home’s natural light. Open all curtains and blinds when showing your Lake Ashton Resale home. Dust lighting fixtures, clean off any grime and empty out the dead bugs.
  7. Furniture
    Make sure furniture is the right size for the room, and don’t clutter a room with too much furniture. Furniture that’s too big will make a room look small, while too little or too small furniture can make a space feel cold. You’ll also want to arrange the furniture in a way that makes each room feel spacious.
  8. Exterior
    A Lake Ashton Resale home’s exterior will be the first impression a buyer gets and may even determine their interest in viewing the inside. Make sure your lawn, trees and other plants are well-maintained and neatly pruned and eliminate any weeds. To brighten windows, wash them. If you can, power wash your home’s exterior – it can make it look almost freshly painted but with less effort and expense. Make sure the sidewalk leading up to the house is clear and clean, and purchase new doormats for the front and back doors. If you have a pool, showcase it by making sure it’s crystal clear.
  9. Last Touches
    Before any showing, make sure that your Lake Ashton Resale home seems warm and inviting. Your Lake Ashton Resale home staging efforts should be designed to appeal to the widest possible range of Lake Ashton Resale buyers. Take the time to prepare your home by implementing these staging ideas. Need help? Contact a Lake Ashton Resale Realtor for assistance, 1-844-554-2241.

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