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Spring Forth

March 23, 2017

The first day of spring was March 20, 2017. Spring symbolizes that everything can begin again. It’s the promise, birth and renewal. Birds chirping, tulips, fragrant new blossoms, and fresh new air are just a few examples. One of the first signs of spring in Lake Ashton is the sightings of baby sand hill cranes being escorted by its parents through the community. Typically, the 3 to 4 ft. tall birds are fairly easy to spot in the open grass and wetland areas around Lake Ashton. Not inhibited by the busyness of Lake Ashton, it’s not uncommon to see them traveling thru parking lots, golf course fairways, or even outside your kitchen window. Early spring also brings out the gardeners of Lake Ashton. There’s nothing like seeing colorful vignettes being created with pansies, tulips, daffodils, primroses and hyacinths around the common areas, such as the pool, clubhouse, and health and fitness center in Lake Ashton. Spring flowers bring color and their fragrant scent screams “SPRINGTIME”.  Spring break is also symbolic of the initial days of spring. From the outdoor pool to the indoor bowling alley, grand kids are joined by their grandparents in daily activities that keep them busy.  Lake Ashton is a “FUN SPOT”, especially if you’re a kid.  During this special season of starting anew, it’s time for your retirement dream to blossom and bear fruit. You can start by embracing something new, like a new home listed with Lake Ashton Resales. One of the most popular times to begin house hunting is in the spring. It’s a time when most get out from behind the computer screen and begin to scout out a resale home in Lake Ashton in person.  A personal tour gives a true feel for the property. So spring into action, and usher in this new season of house hunting.

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