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Short Sales. Just the Facts.

August 25, 2017

Short Sales! Just the Facts.

  1.  Hire a Lake Ashton Resales Real Estate Agent who knows Short Sales– A Short Sale in Lake Ashton is not a frequent occurrence, nor is it a traditional Real Estate Sale. A Short Sale involves approval by a Third Party; the Seller’s Lender(s).  There are certain ways in which a Short Sale must be handled. Persistence, determination, and commitment are necessary throughout the process. Hire right; call a Lake Ashton Resales agent, 1-844-554-2241.


  1.  Price Matters. Under pricing a home in Lake Ashton jeopardizes Short Sale Approval– Simply because a home in Lake Ashton is being sold as a Short Sale does not mean the home has to be offered as a fire sale. The Seller’s Lender(s) will be looking for a sales price that isn’t too far off of the market value in Lake Ashton.


  1. All about the money. In a Short Sale it’s all about the money. Whether you pay cash or finance, it’s the offering price that matters. If the offering price is not fair and acceptable to the Seller’s Lender(s), the likelihood of Short Sale approval is lessened. Short Sales are all about minimizing the losses.


  1. Patience is a must– Anticipate 90 days to gain approval and be pleasantly surprised when it takes less time.


  1. Marketing still matters with a Short Sale– A Lake Ashton Resales home should always be presented in its best light. Quality photographs, videos, and online exposure are a must. The better it’s presented, the more prospective Buyers will see the Lake Ashton Resales home and the faster it will sell.


Consider the pros and cons when pursuing a short sale in Lake Ashton. Talk with a Lake Ashton Real Estate agent if you’re interested in purchasing a short sale in Lake Ashton.


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