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Questions to Ask Before You Make An Offer

July 14, 2017

Before you make an offer on a house, it pays to ask a few questions. While the answers might frighten you, they could make you feel more confident that you’re making the right decision on the perfect house in Lake Ashton. It’s important to stay organized, and remain focused throughout the process.

As you prepare for buying a home in Lake Ashton, here are 3 questions to ask your Lake Ashton Resales Realtor before you make the offer. While there are many questions that should be asked, these are just a few to include:

  1. What is the property worth in today’s market? Seek information about comparable sales, or “comps.” A Lake Ashton Resales Realtor will provide comparables- prices of similar homes that have been sold recently in Lake Ashton. Any Lake Ashton Resales agent can tell you how long homes are staying on the market, and the percentage of the asking price sellers are getting.
  2. How flexible is the seller on the asking price? If you insult the seller with a lowball offer, you could lose your shot at the house. To avoid offending any Lake Ashton homeowner, call Lake Ashton Resales, 1-844-554-2241, to discover how firm a seller is on price. Keeping it in terms of “how flexible are they on the price?” instead of “how much less will they take?” allows you to get an answer to a common question without offending the seller.
  3. What’s wrong with this house? With inspections and disclosures, buyers are able to find most problems. A seller can avoid wasting their time and a buyer’s time if the seller is honest with disclosing home issues. Disclosures and inspections reveal any issues or problems and start a dialogue between the parties involved.

Buying a home is never dull. It can create a wide range of emotions and feelings. When buying a home, one of the most important things to understand is that “no question is a dumb question.”  If you’re unsure of something when buying a home in Lake Ashton, ask. It’s strongly recommended you call a Lake Ashton Resales agent. Our agents are knowledgeable and are willing to assist you with your home purchase.


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