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My Favorite Season- Fall!

September 30, 2016

My Favorite Season- Fall!
Fall is my favorite season. It’s a continuation of what summer left behind, and the anticipation of what winter will bring. Experiencing fall in Florida is much different than experiencing fall in any other state. Instead, of pulling out jeans and hooded jackets that have been neatly packed away from last year, owners of homes in Lake Ashton are still walking around in shorts and flip flops. Residents that purchased a home from Lake Ashton Resales can be found swimming in the pool, enjoying an aqua aerobics class, or simply visiting with a group of friends, poolside. When I think of fall, I think of hot apple cider and hot chocolate, but those won’t be served on a daily basis in the homes at Lake Ashton this fall. Instead double scoops of ice cream topped with sprinkles and cherries are still a MUST! One fall event that really brings camaraderie, regardless of where you live, is football. Football season is in full force in the homes at Lake Ashton. Residents don their favorite team jersey, join around large screened televisions in their homes at Lake Ashton, and root for their favorite hometown college and pro football teams. Occasionally, you will hear, “Roll Tide” or “Go Buckeyes”. And as the days begin to shorten, and the night air begins to change, how can anyone forget about the great big pumpkin in the sky? Every night he carves out another great reason why I love fall. So, hands down, fall is my favorite time of year.

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