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May 12, 2017

Lake Ashton is an active adult community filled with good neighbors. It is a community that resembles a neighborhood like Pleasantville, where everyone waves to each other as they drive down the street, and fresh baked pies or food are offered to new neighbors when they arrive.  Many could argue that communities like Lake Ashton no longer exist; they’re a thing of the past. However, those that live in Lake Ashton can attest to the friendly culture that exists within the community.  It’s a “village” of people that takes time to talk and smile. For example, it’s not unusual to be stopped by a neighbor for a chat as you walk your pet. They reach out to connect with others by sending cards on special occasions, or deliver a morning cup of coffee.  They are friendly and considerate and offer to help each other with yard projects; they respect each other’s space and privacy. The residents of Lake Ashton know that being a good neighbor helps develop a good community.  In every stage of life, good neighbors are important and necessary. When people make an effort to be a good neighbor, everyone has a sense of well-being, knowing they are surrounded by friends.  If you have been searching for a home in an active adult community, and haven’t found what you are looking for, it’s time you made a visit to Lake Ashton. Lake Ashton Resales has a wide array of pre-owned homes available. You’ll not only find the perfect home, you’ll find a community filled with good neighbors that look after each other and enjoy spending time with one another.

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