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Cinco De Mayo Event

May 5, 2017

If you were to ask random residents in Lake Ashton why they celebrate Cinco De Mayo a common first response might be that it’s the designated day to eat tacos and drink margaritas. It’s the day when fiesta piñatas are on display, chili themed confetti is thrown, and Mariachi music is played.  I would venture to say the least common response would be that it’s a day to remember the victory Mexico’s army had over France at the Battle of Pueblo in 1862, which is the real reason Cinco De Mayo was created in the Mexican heritage.  In the minds of most, Cinco De Mayo is simply a day to party and celebrate with friends, like St. Patrick’s Day. Tonight the residents of Lake Ashton will have a special Cinco De Mayo party. The event will highlight the Salsa and Merengue dance, and a “Make Your Own Taco” buffet, where they will attempt to make tacos 50 different ways.  Festivities will kick off at 4:00 with dance lessons for those that need to gain a few skills or to simply polish up on the ones they already have. Festive music and food will be available at 5:00 p.m. in the grand ballroom, just one of the luxurious amenities in Lake Ashton.  Regardless if you have lived in Lake Ashton for many years, or only a few days, all residents are encouraged to attend. This ticketed event is a great way to kindle existing friendships and make new friendships with those that have recently purchased a home with Lake Ashton Resales.  Let me encourage you to make it a priority, because, yes, tacos and margaritas are worth it, and so are friendships.

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