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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

November 3, 2017

Every winter it seems like Florida absorbs the entire northern population of active adults who are escaping from colder weather in search of a warmer climate. It’s a huge task, but year after year Florida pulls it off.  From Pensacola to Miami, cold weather escapees filter in like a flock of birds to Lake Ashton, the active adult community of their dreams. Wearing short sleeved shirts, shorts and flip flops our sun loving friends find a place to land in Lake Ashton and they clump together. They like being with their own people. Whether it be playing a round of golf at Lake Ashton with a fellow statesman or simply cruising around in golf carts clad in similar colors and license plates, northern residents find safety in numbers. It’s not unusual to find residents from New York, Ohio, Michigan or Pennsylvania teamed up around a microphone to sing Karaoke or competing in a game of Trivia at the Eagles Nest, a popular sports bar in Lake Ashton. So how do they land at the same destination such as Lake Ashton? It’s simple, they share flight path information. When a happy, pleased Lake Ashton resident shares information regarding the amazing lifestyle and affordable resale homes offered in Lake Ashton a chain migration begins. This friend tells that friend, and before you know it they end up at the same place, the Lake Ashton Resales office on Ashton Club Drive. Lake Ashton has plenty of room for all of them. Set on over 1,250 acres of choice virgin Florida ranch land, Lake Ashton has plenty of space for retirees, second home owners, and seasonal renters. So if you are thinking about migrating south this year to join your kind feather friends, let me encourage you to leave soon. The early bird gets the worm. Enjoy the flight, we’ll see you soon. 

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