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A Remarkable View

September 22, 2016

Buying and moving into a new home takes time and effort, especially when you are looking for a retirement home; a home that you can see yourself living in for several years. Not only are you looking for the perfect home, you are searching for a home within a community that offers remarkable views and where the lifestyle of your dreams can begin! Lake Ashton is not a community where one size fits all. For example, the single family home for sale in Lake Ashton sits on its own lot and must be maintained by the home owner and is great for a person(s) seeking privacy. However, for the person who doesn’t particularly like yard maintenance, a condo offered by Lake Ashton Resales might be perfect for someone who likes a “lock and leave” lifestyle. The style of home you are looking for matters, as well as the location and views you have from the home. The homes at Lake Ashton have been strategically placed so our residents can enjoy breathtaking views. Regardless if your view preference is one of a sweeping golf course, a captivating waterfront, or peaceful preservation, Lake Ashton Resales will show you a home with a stunning view that is perfect for you. Lake Ashton Resales recently received a listing located at 4049 Dunmore Drive. The nature filled scenery that one has while watching the sun rise in the morning is a remarkable view. You will not only be smitten by the location and style of the home, but you will be taken with the view. So when you are looking to buy a home in Lake Ashton, ask about the home with a remarkable view.

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