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A Home for Your Furry Friend

September 8, 2017

Lake Ashton is a pet friendly retirement community in Florida for active adults. When the residents of Lake Ashton think of friendship, the word loyalty comes to mind as a desired character trait in a friend.  A loyal friend is a friend who never lets you down. It’s often said in Lake Ashton that man’s most loyal and trusted friend is their dog!

Dogs in Lake Ashton have proven themselves time and again to be loyal, kind, understanding, and have a strong spirit. They are able to greet us happily with a wag of the tail after what may have been the worst day of our lives. When we are sick, sad, and lonely, they are at our side. They even love us when we are irritable, disrespectful, or downright mean. Dogs are the ones who seem to understand us on a level even we cannot understand.

Plain and simple: the residents in Lake Ashton call dogs their best friends because they love them. They take pride in their dogs, and sometimes show them off to others as they would their children. They play with them, hold them close, and rely on them for any number of reasons. The reason that they call dogs “man’s best friend” is a simple one. It is because dogs allow us to be their best friends.

Lake Ashton offers two dog park locations

  • Winged Foot Lane Dog Park – 5140 Winged Foot Lane
  • Pebble Beach Dog Park – 5335 Pebble Beach Blvd

The Lake Ashton Pet Play Parks were created as a place for people to enjoy their dogs.  The locations were donated by the builder and mowing and water are supplied.  Both locations are for the benefit of dogs of all sizes. At Lake Ashton, we not only care about you, we think about your dogs, too.

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