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A Golfers Dream

January 27, 2017

Golf in Florida

Golf is a favorite pastime of retirees, especially in sunny Florida. Golf is amusing, entertaining, challenging, and gives a sense of freedom; freedom from the busyness of life in a peaceful quiet environment.   Lake Ashton features two 18- hole beautiful private championship golf courses, a fully appointed pro shop, driving range, and for after the game, the Eagles Nest Sport Pub. For the residents of Lake Ashton, golf is a great way to make new friends.  There are approximately 500 golfers in Lake Ashton that compete weekly anticipating their chance to make a hole in one. They love the camaraderie of the game. On any given day, you will find residents of Lake Ashton fully clad in their cool golfing attire driving around their personal golf carts decorated in the colors of their favorite sports team from back home. There are leagues for both men and women, and special tournaments such as Member-Member, Club Championship, and Member Guest.  Playing the golf courses at Lake Ashton is an experience. They offer amazing preservation and water views, along with abundant views of nature. Squirrels, turtles, butterflies, hawks, fish, and even alligators are discovered throughout the round.  The sound of clanging golf clubs, a ball hitting a tree, and the crisp sound of a driver hitting the ball solid down the fairway are all enticing sounds to the golfers at Lake Ashton.  It doesn’t matter if you are skilled or savvy, tall or short, young or old, golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by every resident of Lake Ashton.  It’s the perfect blend of social pleasure and exercise for both men and women. The quest of perfection and the chance of making a better score bring the residents of Lake Ashton back for another round.

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