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3 Preparation Steps to Take Before You List Your Home

June 9, 2017
  1. Remove Personal Décor

To receive the most positive feedback from those that will tour your home in Lake Ashton, it’s best to create a neutral environment. This can be achieved by removing all personal items from your home. Lake Ashton Resale realtors encourage homeowners to remove any objects that reflect personal choices and lifestyle. Some buyers have a hard time emotionally attaching to a home when a seller’s lifestyle choices are clearly displayed. It will also help you to emotionally detach from your home in Lake Ashton and to start thinking of it as someone else’s. When a buyer has to ask if someone lives in the home, you have done your job.

  1. Clean Everything Thoroughly

Everyone has a different definition of “clean”. The word has many different meanings, and is related to a sense of being empty and pure. Even the best of friends can debate over the definition of clean. Before you List your home, if you can afford it, hire a professional cleaning crew to spend a whole day doing a deep clean. It’s well worth the money! When a house appears to be messy and un-kept, it can be hard for buyers to emotionally attach to it. After the deep clean, here are a few easy ways to keep your home neat and tidy during the selling phase of your home. 1. Make the beds every day. 2. Clean off all counter tops from unwanted paperwork and clutter. 3. Put shoes and clothes away. 4. Dust and Vacuum Regularly.


  1. Refresh Landscaping

Curb appeal is the biggest bang for your buck when listing your house for sale with Lake Ashton Resales. Buyer’s first impression are big in real estate. The fastest way to freshen up your landscaping is by adding new mulch. Spread a layer of it all throughout your landscaped areas. Plant some colorful flowers. Trim any over grown plants and bushes and clean up outdoor living spaces. Take advantage of every opportunity to have a big impact on your buyer’s decision to purchase your home with Lake Ashton Resales.


Make a list of things that you feel are important for your home sale and then plan them out accordingly. Tackle one item at a time and before you know it, your list is done. Once your house is ready to put on the market, call Lake Ashton Resales, 1-844-554-2241.

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